A dynamic and thriving multicultural and ecological revolution in the rural area where we live which creates new sustainable livelihoods for locals and newcomers*, regenerates the ecosystem and celebrates cultural diversity.


*by newcomers we refer to people from all countries wanting to settle in this area particularly refugees and migrants.



A holistic approach – adapting and responding to the complexity of living systems.



A commitment to taking courageous, responsible and positive action.


To think, do and act with creativity.



To meet all humans as humans and embody the values of equity, love and respect.



To embed ecological regeneration in all that we do, acknowledging the non-separateness of ourselves and nature.


To create sustainable positive solutions for real life issues – specifically the depopulation of rural villages, the degradation of land, high local unemployment and the unmet basic needs of migrants and refugees. We provide trainings, develop micro-enterprises and sustainable livelihoods, set up housing cooperatives and coordinate cross cultural integration to transform multilevel problems into genuine opportunities.



We are trying to see how to create more synergies and how to model more creative and responsive ways of living and making change.


We understand sustainability as basis to any activity, whether for economic purposes or not.
We try to create sustainable livelihoods related to agroecology.


We try to regenerate abandoned lands using agroecological and permaculture techniques. We also try to regenerate lives, creating a culture of care, based on values of equality, support and respect.

From these three principles we develop our activities.

Training courses in agroecology, permaculture and commercialization with refugees and followed by an internship and entrepreneurship programme

Work on the land, cultivating, processing and commercializing agroecological products such as preserves and Veg Boxes

Events and gathering with local people, migrants and refugees; community integration work and cultural diversity

Collaboration with public institutions to influence change at a political level

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