La Bolina aims to be a win-win-win project by creating a positive solution out of 'problematic factors': the depopulation of Spanish countryside and villages, degradation of land, high local unemployment, migrants and refugees who need income and housing.


  1. Land regeneration : identifying neglected or unused agricultural land and making it productive again. Using regenerative agro-ecology and permaculture principles to cultivate organic crops and increase ecological diversity. Mixing traditional and modern farming techniques, renewable technologies and regenerative agriculture.

  2. Regeneration of lives: Improving the wellbeing of all participants through working in nature, creative community activities and self-realization in a supportive and respectful environment. Giving refugees / migrants an opportunity to build a new life for themselves and their families.

  3. Creation of new livelihoods : Developing new and viable productive activities that provide sustainable livelihoods for project members and local people and contribute to local economic regeneration. Using new models of economy and seeking out under-utilized resources in the area.