The group Vamos Granada, with the facilitation of the Bolina and The REeconomy Center present you this theoretical and practical course for those who want to develop initiatives of social, sustainable development in the towns of the province of Granada.

What does it consist of?
This theoretical-practical course offers collaborative tools and methodological skills to facilitate local, innovative and sustainable development initiatives around resilient and supportive economies.

Participating in this course will open new ways to promote and promote sustainable local development in rural areas. This approach highlights people's ability to collaborate, think creatively, and reinvent their environment through entrepreneurship, participation, and the revitalization of the local economy.


What do we learn?
Mapping and vision activities, theoretical concepts for the promotion of the local economy and the collective development of projects. We will work on some concepts such as “local multiplier effect”, how to organize proximity markets, development based on the scale of human needs and a range of tools to think and act collectively.


  • Develop practical skills to lead transformative economic change in your community.

  • Be part of an innovative and mutually supportive 'community of practice' for rural local development.

  • Meet and connect with a growing and international movement of change agents.

  • Put into practice some of the learning in your territory with the support of the facilitators and participants in order to promote and strengthen an initiative in your context.

The course
Three-day intensive workshop, February 22-24, where we will deepen the concepts and develop methodologies in a participatory, experiential and practical way.

This course is open to anyone who lives in the province of Granada. For more information or to register, contact the email that appears on the poster.

We wait for you!

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