The weekly Veg Box comprises of seasonal vegetables, cultivated using 100% agroecology techniques by the La Bolina team in El Valle and La Vega Granada, embodying the values of local, social and solidarity economy. Order your Veg Box online and choose from a variety of other produce from wine to preserves from La Bolina and other local and ecological producers.


The products are cultivated with agro-ecological techniques, respecting the environment and regenerating the soil. We only use our own seedlings or organic seeds, organic fertilizers and natural pesticides approved by organic agriculture.



All of the produce come from farmers and producers in the region of Granada, mainly El Valle de Lecrín and Atarfe.


Seasonal vegetables are offered, because we rely on the rhythms of the climate and nature for our production. However, we always try to offer you Veg Boxes with as much variety as possible.





We work with principles of collaboration and equity, within the framework of the social and solidarity economy.


Apart from seasonal vegetables, you can add other delicious local and ecological products to your Veg Box, such as conserves and wine either made by La Bolina or our collaborators.

The Veg Box is ordered online

We send an email with a list of avilable products to choose from.


2 sizes available:

  • The small Veg Box comprises of a choice of 4 products  -> 8€


  • The big Veg Box comprises of a choice of 6 products  -> 11€

                   The weight of the Veg Box varies according to the content. The Veg Box                                 changes with the seasonal harvest and the produce available. Each week                              we will send you a list of what's available for you to select what you'd like.

Collection Points

Granada: Bar Paprika, Cuesta Abarqueros 3, Albaicín (Tuesday's 13:00- 20:00)

El Valle: Talará, Bar Nuevo (Wednesday's 13:00- 20:00)

              Saleres, Calle Escuelas (Wednesday's)

If you can get four or more people in your street / workplace/ neigbourhood committed to the weekly Veg Box then we will open a new collection point.

How to sign up?

To order a Veg Box, sign up to receive the weekly mail, where you will receive the list of available products and the order form.

To sign up send an email to:

or sign up here:

Who are we and why do we sell Veg Boxes?

Association La Bolina seek to integrate migrants and refugees in rural depopulated areas, as well as working with local people to create and retrieve livelihoods based on agroecology and sustainable economy. Our vision is to transform and regenerate the social, cultural, economic and environmental fabric of the rural area, particularly in El Valle where we live, co-creating alternatives for a possible future for all.

We want to facilitate the consumption of fresh and ecologically cultivated produce for all people, especially those who live in the city. We are interested in promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly food culture. We believe that this kind of commercialization of agricultural produce strengthens the relationship between rural village communities and the city of Granada and opens the way for citizens to support and participate directly in the local economy.

Order your Veg Box

To sign up to the weekly Veg Box email, or for more information contact us!


Telephone contacts: 660455079

Or write to us

Gracias por tu interés!

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